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About Us

A lifelong passion and love for horses has given me the unique opportunity to *ride correct structure* and understand the mechanics of conformation whether dog or horse and this has carried forward for the past 45 years with nearly 30 years devoted to breeding the Tibetan Mastiff. We still raise, train and sell horses as well as raise our TMs around them, proving that beauty in a true working TM is attainable and they can walk into the show ring and very easily hold their own.

We started with two foundation dogs, one born in 1980, Wakefield Kaung Kin Peya Ye-Bo TT-TM-1 and in 1981, I flew to New York to choose my foundation bitch from nearly 100 puppies, sired by The Dutchman (Angmo Rajkumri Chattang) and out of the bitch that made me drool in 1978 when I first started researching the breed, Ausables Apache Anne. I based my early breeding program around her and was NOT disappointed! The blend of Ye-Bo with Roxanne produced an amazing litter but two were standouts, black/tan ATMA/IABCA/CRBDA Champion Sierras' Mojahedin Maynard and is pale sable gold brother, Sierras' Rebel of MCA. These two males became a cornerstone for breeders such as Legend, Drakyi, Timberline and others.

The second mating of Ye-Bo and Roxanne again produced some very nice pups, most went to pet homes but we kept one, ATMA/IABCA/PR CH. Sierras' Sable Ladyhawk who wow'd the rare breed circuits with her charisma, movement, style and grace. We eventually wound up co-owning her with Karen Estep who flew Sable all to show including Puerto Rico where she obtained her Puero Rican championship. We bred Sable to our new UK import, Farnemoor the Saracen (whose sire was the same breeding as our Roxanne) and had an outstanding litter of pups, again, most went into wonderful, forever pet homes and one stayed with me, Sierras' Dances With Wolves.

Dancer went on to produce BlackHawke, Chunkyi, Sonja, all sired by a Taiwan import named Kuma. Unfortunately, Kuma was not supposed to be bred because xrays proved his was highly dysplastic but Dancer and later Smokey (from Alaska kennels) proved to be determined in getting themselves bred. Though neither Chunkyi nor Sonja produced because they could not pass OFA, BlackHawke was judiciously bred producing only 2 litters before being exported to Australiia to add an additional line there.

The breeding of ATMA/SKC/IABCA CH. Sierras' BlackHawke ATTS certified to ATMA/SKC/IABCA CH. Sierras' Shayna Maide-lah (Farnemoor the Saracen x Ausables Roxanne of Sierras) produced one of the most easily identified looks of today, that being of Sierras' Majestic Mufasa, sire of Darth, grandsire of Senge Sundari and down the line . You can look at dogs even 4 and 5 generations away and still see the Jesse/BlackHawke influences.

We have added to our bloodlines with the acquisition of stock from Europe and have produced our first litters from those dogs and are quite pleased. Hopefully we will be contributing positively marvelous, healthy and typey Tibetan Mastiffs THAT CAN AND DO WORK, to the gene pool in the future.

As to our personal goals, we have reached one milestone in becoming one of three AKC breeder-judges and have fulfilled three of the required five provisional assignments and hope to achieve fulfillment by next year to continue adding working and herding breeds to our resume.

Kristi Sherling



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